Blogs we like to read


Economists View. A mainstream, centre-left blog, this is the best place to go for regular collections of links to posts on other economics blogs.

Social Democracy for the 21st Century: a Post-Keynesian Perspective. Does what it says on the tin: frequent commentary on post-Keynesian, left wing ideas. A lot of anti-Austrian stuff on here, too.

Interfluidity. While this blog is updated infrequently and is quite technical, we would class it as a must-read. The author sits on the line between heterodox and mainstream economics, and understands both perspectives better than most.

Uneasy Money. Like the above: written by a highly knowledgeable, non-ideological author who pays attention to both sides.

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative. A mainstream blog that often makes me want to tear my eyes out, but is written clearly, civilly and whose numerous authors are always willing to discuss new ideas. The best place to understand how mainstream economists approach problems.

Stumbling and Mumbling. UK-based, part politics and part economics, updated almost daily and always full of interesting ideas. A rare example of someone who is both a marxist and (loosely) a mainstream economist. Also has regularly updated links to post around the blogosphere on the side bar.

Lars P Syll. Written by a heterodox Swedish economist, this blog provides passages from, and introductions to, a great deal of heterodox material from numerous schools.

Robert Vienneau. A fairly technical blog, written by a Sraffian economist.

Conversable Economist. US-based economist – provides a considered analysis on a variety of topics, whilst managing to do so in an engaging way.

Mainly Macro. A very active and widely-followed blog with, as the name suggests, a focus on macroeconomics in the UK economy.

Bradford Delong. A fairly neoliberal overview – this blog is an excellent aggregate of links and recommended posts from other blog-feeds, as well as regular blog entries from its author.

EconTalk. A huge and expanding archive of weekly discussion podcasts, with guests coming from a range of backgrounds in economics.

Paul Krugman. – Insightful blogging on issues ranging from macroeconomics to politics from an Nobel prize winning American economist.

Coppola Comment. An even-handed and popular site devoted to financial and economic musings.

Philosophy of Money. Analysis from a macro hedge-fund manager – through economics and finance to philosophy and economic history.