The Recent Trip to Edale


The society’s recent trip to Edale was comforting. Set in the distinctly non-urban environment of the peak district, ‘delegates’ from societies similar to our own all came to the lodge.

It was comforting to know that we were not remotely alone in our cause: there were groups attending from London to Aberdeen and most places in between. All sharing the same vision of a more pluralistic economics, providing great opportunities to bounce ideas off eachother.

Similar to other events we’ve had, we got a sense that we are putting into practise the pluralism that we talk so much about, by actually getting together and holding reasoned debates on the subject.

It was felt that we had created a hub that could cement the movement nationwide and internationally by providing a kind of informal headquarters.

This cementation is vitally important of course, when groups such as ours campaigning for curriculum reform are constituted of students who, of course, graduate after 3 or 4 years. Thus, the Rethinking Economics hub helps towards ensuring that the movement does not run out of steam.

There should always be an organized voice for students expressing their discontents at the way they are being taught. And more broadly there should be that voice that challenges an established approach to economics that has been shown to be limited in its utility for understanding the world.

Let’s not forget that this society and movement in general only really started post-crash, the ‘crash’ being in 2008, when many of us currently in the society were about 12. This weekend gave us a real sense of how far we have come in this short space of time.

We look forward to next years trip to Edale and to working with the wider movement in pursuit of our goals.

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