Get involved in Manchester

Post-Crash Economics Society is nothing without wider support from economics students. We have 16 dedicated committee members but we want to build a much wider Post-Crash community. Many economics students have come up to us and said: ‘I really support what you are doing and I want to get more involved than just signing the petition. How can I get more involved?’ This page shows all the ways that economics students at Manchester can get involved with Post-Crash from simply getting updates on our mailing list to joining the committee and leading the campaign.

Join our Facebook group, mailing list or subscribe to our blog

Our Facebook group is regularly updated with information about the events we run and updates on our campaign. It is one of the best ways to keep up to date with Post-Crash and see what we are up to. Our blog is regularly updated by our blog editors and includes a wider range of content from the best economics comment on the web to videos and contribution from economics students. You can subscribe here . Finally, you can join our mailing list and we send out a monthly update on our campaign, plans for the future and wider relevant news.

Come along to our Open Meetings

We want our campaign to be directed by economics students. We know that we aren’t the only people frustrated with the lack of real world application or annoyed that our degree doesn’t give us the ability to criticise economic theory. Come along to these meetings, drink tea and have cake and biscuits with us and tell us what you think we should be campaigning for. These are regular meetings held once a month in an informal location. Expect friendly faces, interesting discussion and real input into the Post-Crash Economics Society’s future work.

Write a testimonial

We are collecting testimonials from economics students to post on our website and publish in a booklet. Tell us about economics education in 150-200 words what you like, what you don’t like and what you think should be improved. The only rule is that it has to be something you are willing to be available to the public with your first name beside it. We have 15 at the moment and will keep collecting them until we have enough for a booklet.

Write a blog post

If you are a keen budding economist then get in contact with our blog editors to propose a blog post. Our blog has a large international readership and it is a great way to get your voice and opinions heard. We are not looking for any specific writing in particular and pitches can focus on anything from core Micro and Macro, to analysis of current economic affairs to opinion pieces. A core PCES objective is to get economics students at Manchester learning about and discussing alternative economic perspectives and this is a great way to do it.

Apply to join the committee

Being on the committee is really hard work. We run a professional campaign, we do interviews with international media and we develop the intellectual arguments that underpin the reforms we are asking for. We are always looking for highly motivated students with a genuine passion for economics and a strong work ethic. In return our committee members are supported by senior committee members, given training and get professional work opportunities which many graduate scheme placements don’t provide. Email us at if you are interested with a short CV and covering letter, we would love to hear from you.

Become a member

Watch this space. We are planning on setting up membership for PCES. We are not sure exactly what it involve but we want to find a half-way house for students who want to be more involved but aren’t on the committee.