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We, The Post-Crash Economics Society, are a group of economics students at The University of Manchester. It is our belief that the content of the economics syllabus and teaching methods could and should be seriously rethought.

The Report

We have published a Report outlining what is wrong with economics education at the University of Manchester and in the UK. It includes a foreword by the director for Financial Stability at the Bank of England, Andrew Haldane.

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If you want to join our mailing list, if you have any questions about upcoming events and lectures, schools of thought, what we’re working on or, if you have any suggestions for speakers you would like to see at our events or anything else please get in touch and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Paul Mason gave a stimulating talk based on his new book “Postcapitalism – A Guide To Our Future”.  The delivery was fast and non-linear, so I might have misunderstood some key aspects.  With that caution here is my reaction. Paul covered a lot of ground, but...